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Welcome to our Resources page, a dynamic hub encompassing a rich tapestry of insights and tools in the realm of humanitarian design. Discover transformative trainings, perceptive blog posts hosting engaging interviews, invaluable career guidance, and a curated collection of publications. Unearth a wealth of knowledge that nurtures both seasoned professionals and aspiring enthusiasts in their journey to drive positive change through thoughtful and impactful design.


Using field experience, we acknowledge constraints faced by grassroots NGOs and training numerous volunteers. Our design expertise emphasizes humanitarian understanding of user-centered innovation.

Our aim: bridge the gap. Collaboration in volatile settings needs mutual understanding. We offer tailored training: designers learn comprehensively while upholding non-harm, humanitarians acquire innovative skills.

Five day online training

With experience working on the field, we know that grassroots NGOs lack time and resources. With the constant flow of volunteers, it is sometimes a challenge to train everyone properly.

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At Humanitarian Designers, we believe in the power of sharing knowledge and continuously advancing the discussion around the collaboration between designers and humanitarians. We are committed to keeping you updated and have centralized secondary resources for your convenience. By following the link to our Notion database, you can access information on current and past research and advocacy by academia and field actors in this field. Together, we can drive progress and make a meaningful impact in the world of humanitarian design.

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